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Our Story

With over fifty (50) years of experience in the aviation industry, Air Services Limited (ASL) provides a safe, efficient and reliable service to all of Guyana’s interior destinations. Located at the EFC International Airport, Ogle, East Coast Demerara, we operate an extensive fleet of 25 aircraft including helicopters which offer a variety of services.

Mr. Yacoob Ally, a member of A. Mazaharally and Sons Ltd., timber magnate, felt that getting into and out of the company’s timber concessions faster would greatly improve the company’s efficiency. He bought a small aircraft, got himself a pilot’s licence and off he went. The company had to build its own airstrips as Government airstrips were not necessarily close to the concessions.

He soon found that others were requesting his services and he thought, “why not do this thing commercially”? That was the conception of Air Services Limited. The company was subsequently registered in 1978 with Mr. Ally as the first Managing Director. The company initially operated a single aircraft from a small wooden hangar on the northern side of the runway. The current hangar was built in 1979.

Today Air Services Limited support miners, shop-owners, Government and Tourism among other services and doing occasional charters overseas.

Air Services Limited also operates an Approved Maintenance Organization sanctioned by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

In June, 2003, the company started its Flight Training School and today the school is approved by the GCAA to conduct the Private Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi-Engine Rating courses.

In November, 2003, Air Services limited obtained its Air Operator Certificate, # 1, the first operator in Guyana to do so.

ASL’s Aeronautical Engineering School received its certification from the GCAA in October 2015 and is now poised to extend Maintenance Training programs to the Public.

Today, Mr. Yacoob Ally is Chairman of the Board and his son, Captain A. Mazahar Ally, who started out with the company as a pilot is the Managing Director. He still finds time to fly.

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