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Aerial Agricultural Operations

Guyana is considered the bread basket of the Caribbean with the agricultural sector playing a significant role in the country’s economy. Our fleet includes three (3) 510 Turbo Thrush Commanders as part of its diversification strategy to add aerial application of chemicals, seeding and fertilizing to its list of services.

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Charter Services

Our fixed wing fleet includes Cessna Grand Caravans, Cessna 206s, Cessna 172s, BN2A Islanders and 510 Turbo Thrush Commanders. Our rotor fleet includes two Bell 206 L-4. These are all available for charter.

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Scheduled Flights

ASL offers scheduled services to Regions 1 and 9 daily and Region 8 on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Medical Evacuation

We have partnered with the Ministry of Health to provide night medevacs using our Britten Norman twin engine aircraft to pick up patients at airstrips and save numerous lives each year. Our Bell Long Ranger helicopters which can be fitted with two stretchers are capable of extracting patients from areas where there are no airstrips. Both types of MEDEVAC services are available to our corporate clients and the general public.

LYDAR Surveys

Our Cessna 206’s which is most suited for easy configuration and installation of Lydar Surveying equipment has made ASL the premium service provider to both the gold mining and forestry sector when surveys of their concessions are required. As ASL has four Cessna 206’s in its fleet, making one available to a survey client for either a short or long term contract is easily achievable. This service has been approved by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. Our flight crew is comprised of experienced pilots who are familiar with the challenging terrain and this is an invaluable asset in the provision of this service. Some of our satisfied clients are GEOSIS, Digital Mapping and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Helicopter Services

Our Bell 206 Long Rangers have a carrying capacity of six persons each and are suitable for groups, television production and tourism. As both Bells can be configured to accommodate two stretchers, they are perfect for MEDIVAC missions from those interior locations that do not have airstrips.

Aerial Photography

Our Cessna 206’s and 172’s can accommodate installation of both video and still cameras for high resolution aerial photography. We have served the Guyana Forestry Commission in this regard for the monitoring and verification process of the Low Carbon Development Strategy.

Television Production

Our large fleet of both fixed wing and rotor craft enables us to commit to ironclad schedules for production companies. Our Cessna Caravans are perfect for mobilising large quantities of film crew and equipment and our Bell Long Range Helicopters are capable of accessing remote parts of Guyana’s beautiful interior. Some of our satisfied production crews are BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, RAW TV and Omni Productions.


We are committed to the development of Guyana’s tourism industry. We have partnered with the Ministry of Tourism to offer an unbeatable fare of to the majestic KAIETEUR FALLS . You can take a trip to both Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls. We also offer AERIAL TOURS by both fixed wing and helicopters and we are a proud sponsor of the annual Pakaraima Safari since its inception. Wilderness Explorers and Bushmasters, two of Guyana’s premiere tour operators are our largest tourism clients.

Shuttle Operations (Mahdia)

ASL’s hangar is located at Mahdia, Region 8 where we move over 300,000 lbs of cargo and passengers per month to the remote hinterland airstrips in both Regions 7 and 8 providing a lifeline to the communities in these two regions that are without river or road access.

Fuel Farm

Our state-of-the-art Fuel Farm (JET-A & AVGAS) which has enhanced the safety and quality of fuel handling in the industry was given a five star rating by an international fuel consultant brought in by Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI). Complemented by a fleet of fuel tankers, we guarantee a safe and efficient supply to both local and international operators.

Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO)

Our Maintenance Department is approved by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and our highly trained, qualified and experienced engineering staff ensures a safe and reliable service.

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